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Yeha the center of the ethio -sabaean kingdom of Di’amat is the oldest major settlement in Ethiopia and it is the site of the country’s most ancient great Temple. The entrance of this temple was equipped originally with 6single stone pillars and 14metre high wall were made of limestone without any mortar. Probably this great temple was built in the 7th century BC and dedicated to the highest deity of saba, the god almoqah .

the monumental building gratbealgebri ”administrative center of yeha” is the largest building on the northern horn of Africa erected in a singular timber framework technique in the early 1st millennium BC.

The ancient cemeteries of Abiyaddi cut up to a depth of 3metres in to the natural rock date back to 1st millennium BC is a fascinating attraction in the site, this tombs were used for multiple burials.

The ritual object, old altar stone inscriptions and other antic object are kept in the museum near the 6th century AD churches of abaaftse in yeha

Country Ethiopia
Languages spokenTigrigna, Geez
Currency usedEthiopian Birr
Area (km2)10000

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