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A medieval city in the northern part of Ethiopia lalibela is located about 645km north of Addis abeba the present capital city of Ethiopia .

Lalibelais famous for the eleven rock hewn churches believed to have been built more than 800 years ago by a king and saint lalibela.

Some of the rock hewn churches of lalibela are monolithic in structure completely separated from the main rock just only attached to the rock at the base .some are semi monolithic which are partially separated from the main rock

The 11 rock hewn churches of Lalibela was registered as world heritage site in September 1978 and sometimes called the 8th wonder of the world next to the table mountain in Cape Town in South Africa.

It is true that during the King and saint lalibela in 12th century this eleven churches where curved out from single solid rock.

Lalibela area is also best place for community trekking special in the high land plateau of lasta till the abuneyesf mountain which is located an altitude of 4200masl provides to discover the oldest build up monasteries and cave churches .see our trekking program

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Historical and Cultural

Historical and Cultural

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